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Hint: Help us to improve the help text - this is a wiki ;-)


  • If you need help on the semantic part of the wiki, you may ask benedikt.kaempgen(a)


User rights - HOW TO

In order to edit content on the Planet Data Wiki you require a user account that can be created here [1]. Please send an email to giving her your user name and affiliation. You soon will be granted the appropriate user rights for the Planet Data Wiki.

How do I create a page of a certain type, that automatically contains semantic annotations?

  • By using one of our templates. You simply copy-paste the code {{templateName...}} you find on a template page, into an empty page (that you have created by simply searching for a non-existing page in the wiki), e.g.:
|Name=Full name of event
|Acronym=Acronym of event
|Start date=Start date
|End date=End date
|Subevent of=Any event 
|Website=URL of the website
|Website label=Short text for website, if URL is too long
|City=The city of the organisation
|Country=The country of the organisation
|sameAs= same as link to URI
  • Then, you fill in the values after each "=", save the page, and, voilà, it will show itself in a nice layout and propagate its structured information to queries on other pages.

How do I insert semantic annotations, manually?

  • You first choose a property to use [2] or create a new one. Then you insert a property-value pair (aka semantic annotation) to a page using [[propertyName::propertyValue]], e.g., [[Country::Germany]].

Why do changes to pages sometimes not appear in dynamic queried lists?

  • This might be because the information has not yet been propagated. To speed up this process, simply edit/save the page where the information gets queried (or add ?action=purge to the URI of the page)

How do I upload a final file to a deliverable page?

  • Example:
1. You visit the deliverable page
2. Under "Final files", you click on [upload XXX], for XXX is the according file type you want to upload
3. Source filename -> Durchsuchen -> Button "Upload file" (don't change the destination filename)
4. If asked again, Button "Upload anyway" or something similar.
5. Now, after upload, you go back to deliverable page. Edit and without change save page again. (=refresh) 
6. Visit deliverables page 
7. Edit and without change save page. (=refresh)
8. You should see the final deliverable.

Similar goes for reviews and drafts.

How do I query for certain properties?

You edit the page which shows the deliverables. There you add the lines
depending on behind which column you want to add those information:

|  ?Reviewer1 = Reviewer 1
|  ?Reviewer2 = Reviewer 2

The first line asks for the property Reviewer1 and shows it in the table in
a new column "Reviewer 1". The second line does ask for the property
Reviewer2, instead. After saving, you should see the new information. If you
do something wrong, no problem, click on "View history" to revert the
changes by visiting an older version of the page and saving it.

What properties a type of page normally has, you can see by visiting a page
and then click on "Browse properties" on the left side. More information
about querying you find here [].
  • Please add further questions (and possibly answers, here)

Common todos

Adding a page of a certain type (e.g., Person, Organisation)

  • If you want to create a person page, consider using your User:Name page, which you can reach by clicking on your name in the upper right hand corner.

Creating a new page

Any of the following ways can be used to create a new page:

  • Create a link to the page (using [[pagename]]) on some page and click it.
  • Search for the page and click on "create that page" after the search.
  • Edit the URL to directly go to that page and start editing there.

Adding the content

Uploading a file

You need to be logged in for this: Use the link upload file on the left. You can freely pick any file name for uploaded material. After you have uploaded a file, you can link to it from any wiki page by inserting something like

[[Media:your-file-name.pdf|Text to be displayed]]

You can also make the link first and then cick on it to upload the file. For embedding uploaded images, there is syntax of the form


and there are a whle lot of parameters to influence the image style and size. See the MediaWiki User's Guide for details.

Uploading a file using the upload form from a deliverable page

  • If you upload files through the upload forms, e.g., using the link [upload DOC draft], you need to accept the proposed naming scheme of the file. If you change the uploaded file's name during the upload it will not be linked to the page.
  • Why are my changes not visible in lists?
    • The page where you upload a file using the upload form needs to be edited at least once in order to make the changes apply.
    • This might be the case for the deliverables list, as well.

Finding old versions of a page

Use the history link above the page.

Finding out who created some content

Use the history link above the page. You can also view the differences between versions of a page with that interface.

Moving or deleting content

Use the move or delete buttons above the respective page.

Finding something on the wiki

Many important pages can be reached by browsing from other related pages. It is wise to create many links when making a new page, so that users can just navigate there.

The text-based keyword search is available on the right. Note that it filters results by namespaces, which can be selected on the search page. This search is rather simple, and short words (shorter than four letters) might be ignored. Having some descirptive text on all pages greatly helps people to use keyword search afterwards.

If you just cannot find the page, you can try to browse the list of all pages (possibly for some namespace) to find something.

Page design

Standards for adding tables:

  • border="1" cellspacing="2" cellpadding="2"

For more information on how to use MediaWiki visit